About Daves Garden Products

Why Humates was established

“I came to the conclusion quite a while ago that quite a vast number of NZ farmers/growers were missing out on some really basic but important information on the benefits of using humates and how the positive effects of doing so flow right through to the end of year cash flow.

I find it really exciting on the number of uses that humates can be put to; from improving soil biology to increased dry matter in pasture as well as the abilities to assist in unlocking fertiliser like P making that plant available and the big one which is severely reducing the nitrate leaching when mixed with urea.

“The more one reads about all the benefits of humates the more you become aware of just how an important tool it is in the field of agriculture and the ongoing benefits that it creates.”

– Dave Whitteker, Managing Director of Humate Solutions

We at Humate Solutions Limited are now in a position where all the farmers/growers humate requirements are met with high quality powder and liquid products now available in a complete range of sizes.

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