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Dave’s Garden Products range of gardening compost and fertilizers are the perfect combo you need to get your garden lush or lawn growing in sandy soil.

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Dave’s Garden Growth Secret

By using one of natures key ingredients, Dave’s Garden Products harnesses carbon humate in their product range so your garden is promised the maximum growth and nutrients that it deserves. Dave’s garden products are the perfect solutions to boost your garden’s growth. Products like Dave’s liquid compost and Dave’s organic compost are all made with humate and have proven to provide customers with astonishing results.

It just grows better with Southern Humates

Now Available from Leading Garden Centres!

Improved Taste For Produce

Carbon Building Qualities

Increase Worm Activity

Improved Fertiliser Efficiency

Biological Stimulation

Improved Plant Growth

Benefits Of Humate

Over the past several years humates and the benefits of using them are becoming more widely realised in the agriculture sector. Learn more about those benefits here.

What is Humate?

Humate is a key ingredient in boosting soil and stock health, and plant nutrition. Increased production and quality in yields in many areas of agriculture throughout the world are achieved. 

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