Organic Humate (BioGro certified)

  • Found below peat but above coal, humate is the world’s oldest and most concentrated form of compost
  • Millions of years of organic forest residue makes this great product up to 20x more potent than regular compost- so a little goes a long way – and its BioGro certified!
  • Absolutely ideal in poor, sandy soils or heavy clay where it adds valuable carbon to the soil and reduces leaching of vital trace elements.
  • Humate dramatically improves root growth, flowering and fruiting volume of all types of plants and is very easy and non-toxic to apply.
  • Suitable for all flowers, roses, lawns, vegetable gardens, fruit trees and pasture.

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Dave’s Growth Booster Pellets

  • A blend of sheep manure and humate.
  • Add rich organic matter to improve soil structure, encourage earthworms and nourish your plants.
  • Get all the goodies from the sheep manure plus the valuable carbon/humic and fulvic from the humate.
  • Ideal for citrus trees and shrubs.

Ingredients: N3 P2 K4 Ca2

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Dave’s Magic-Mix Pellets

  • A blend of chicken manure and humate now in an easy to use pellet form.
  • Rich in natural Nitrogen and other trace elements adding valuable organic matter to the soil.
  • Increase the water holding capacity of the soil.
  • Ideal for all vegetables, root crops, leafy crops and flowering plants.

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Dave’s Turbo Garden Blend

  • A blend of Vermicast, humate and NPK with vital trace elements.
  • Contains a highly active biological mixture of carbon, bacteria and enzymes, remnants of plant matter and earthworm cocoons.
  • The castings are rich in water soluble plant nutrients, and with humate contain more than 50% more humus than what is normally found in topsoil.
  • Ideal for all plant types.

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Dave’s Super Charger Pellets

  • An excellent NPK that provides a balance nutrient profile an supports health plan growth, strong root development, flower formation and fruiting. A natural organic fertiliser with added Carbon and Blood and Bone to Boost!
  • Stimulate microbial activity in your soil. Humate is added to enhance the biology and feed the microbes. Ideal for all plant types.

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Dave’s Organic Liquid Humate

Dave’s liquid organic humate is a powerful growth promoter for the home garden. This product is our unique liquid humate that contains the three main ingredients of humate: carbon, humic and fulvic and is designed specifically as a soil drench for vegetables and flowers in the home garden.

As well as feeding beneficial organisms in the soil, Dave’s organic liquid humate stimulates and increases the soil biology ensuring both healthier and tasting fruit and vegetables. Flowers and roses benefit as well through more vigorous growth which accentuates the colours. Ingredients: Carbon, humic and fulvic acids along with trace elements.

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Dave’s Liquid Fertiliser

Daves liquid fertiliser will boost your veggies and plants vigour!

Dave’s liquid fertiliser is made up with a combination of fish and seaweed with trace elements. Containing plant available nutrients it enhances soil life and vitality. This product is a unique blend of cold processed local deep sea fish and North Atlantic kelp containing a wide range of natural and amino acid chelated trace elements.

Get healthier plants and crops, stronger root growth and sweeter tasting vegetables. Ideal for new lawns creating greener grass and stronger root growth. Ingredients: N8, P3, K6, S1. Contact us with any questions

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