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Humate polyanthus quick trial

I did a trial of polyanthus Pacific Giants bought at 16 weeks after sowing.

I used only the most uniform sized plants and set the middlers and runts aside.

I used 3 mixes: straight Tui potting mix, 80/20 Tui potting mix and humate, 80/20 Tui potting mix and Turbo Garden Blend.

After only 26 days, the Turbo group were well ahead in overall size, flower count and leaf count.  The attached image shows one tray, with the centre plants in black pots clearly less mature.

After 46 days the trial has gone out the window because I’ve sold too many plants!

I wasn’t expecting the middlers to be saleable but I’ve just potted them up in 80/20 seedling mix with the Turbo Garden Blend.

M Brigden


We have been applying Humate from Humate Solutions on our Dairy Farm in Morrinsville for the last 2 seasons.
We are a system 5 farm with feed pad and we irrigate 100% of the farm with effluent.

As such we have a lot of organic matter being returned to the soil. The application of Humate speeds up the composting process as well as making more minerals available for the grass to uptake and use.
This year when we did our fertiliser soil test and the recommendation was “no further application of fertiliser necessary”. We also did a test on a grass sample and the lab said it was the best result they had seen regarding the quality and composition of what was in the grass.
We did of course apply another lot of Humate at 100 kilos per hectare to maintain soil condition.
Since using Humate we have also noticed a 30% reduction in Somatic Cell Count (this season so far 80,000). Part of this we believe is due to the cows eating a much higher quality of grass.

David Bartley


I also wanted to say a huge THANKYOU to Dave, from davesgardenproducts.co.nz . He responded generously to a post I put on here of my stunted sad tomatoes. Dave sent me a 500ml bottle of Fish/seaweed and the same of liquid compost to use to perk them up.

And perk up they did! I even had a rock melon this year (we live in an alpine village) without having a glasshouse to grow anything in.

I am truly impressed by Dave’s products. He also sells his own compost too, which is super rich in goodness. If you are thinking of purchasing something to boost your garden with, I would seriously recommend using these products.

Thank you very very much David. I’ll be ordering more come spring

Jo Walker


Go for gold I’m picking the rose is over twenty years old at least and I was about to dig it out as it was basically a dead stalk I thought I would try humates around the base with some foliage spray and the turnaround has been amazing!

Tauranga Local


“I first read about “Humate” in the Northern Advocate newspaper. The information in the article was interesting and gave me the idea that perhaps Humate could be used on our bowling green to some advantage especially as it is a natural fertilizer (ancient compost) I liked the idea of using such a product.

Our bowling green has only about 40mm of topsoil over yellow Northland clay which makes keeping a good cover of Starweed difficult. (Mixed with the Starweed is some cotula maniototo and dioca)

With permission from the committee we initially purchased a tonne of Humate and applied that, mixed with soil, when the April renovation of the green was carried out.
After a month or so we could see that the winter growth was ahead of time and the whole green was looking better than normal. The strong growth continued throughout the playing season with good cover over the whole green.

The green keeper was pleased and now continues to apply Humate at renovation times. He says that using Humate has been the main reason for the green being one of the best greens in the Northland area. This is borne out by the very favourable comments from visiting bowlers.”

Peter Cromwell

Northland, Mount Manaia Bowling Club

“I bought some of Dave’s liquid garden fertilisers and compost 8 weeks ago and within that time the difference that I have noticed on the crops that I applied them on is absolutely marvelous! I highly recommend to anyone that wants to grow good home grown veges to buy some of Dave’s retail garden range of products – I certainly will be buying some more!”

Jacque Hoyle

Te Puke

“Dave gave me a bottle of his liquid garden fertiliser to use on my cucumbers and tomatoes last season and I have never experienced such fantastic results – ever! Quite amazing with both crops beautiful tasting and rich in flavour. My neighbours are being kept in supply too. Thanks so much.”

Campbell Attwood

Mt Maunganui

“I’m very happy to recommend Dave’s new products.I’ve been gardening for many years, and always wanted a user friendly fertiliser. Found it now!My garden has flourished since using Dave’s product range.”

Bruce May


“With the use of humates in the feed (50 – 100grams per cow per day) the cows seem to have a lot less problems with general health issues in the spring. Also with the use of humates mixed in at 10% with our Lime application prior to Christmas we certainly believe that the farm has responded extremely well holding on longer into the summer months. This year we will be mixing liquid humates with our spring pasture spray also. Dave has been very helpful guiding us to see the responses we are getting.”

Kieran & Cherie Casey

Brosna Farm Ltd

As humates hold up to 7 times their own weight in water, I use it in the fertiliser in the way of a spring application to retain moisture in the soil leading into summer by either blending with our annual lime dressing or spraying in a liquid form with our weed spray programme.  We find this is the best natural fit in conjunction with the more conventional methods and the results we have achieved has had an extremely positive impact on  the dairy farm and our young stock . The benefits far out way the outlay! I do this on our family farm and also recommend to the many farmers I consult to across the greater Waikato.

I include humates in the cows’ diet to aid in the prevention of disease, enhanced protein production, and reduced nitrate leaching, fertility and growth rates. This is done through the blended in shed feed system during milking through the season and blended into calf feed for the young stock with enhanced growth rates that which GCM feeds at Waharoa supply for us.

Peter Casey

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