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How Dave’s Garden Products Work?

Whether your livelihood depends on growing crops or pasture, or if you are just a regular home gardener, creating the right soil conditions for optimum growth is vital.

Dave’s garden products organically certified compost greatly improves soil quality and releases locked-in minerals for uptake by plants. Since it has such a very high C.E.C. (cation exchange capacity) Dave’s compost has the ability to hold onto the nutrients until the plants require them, reducing loss into the environment.

Dave’s compost has been shown to consistently improve the uptake of nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and iron, as well as all the trace elements essential for plant health.

Life forms such as bacteria and earthworms, which depend on humus content, contribute strongly to the maintenance of the soil structure and the use of high-quality organic compost can also prevent soil cracking, which exposes roots to the air and can cause crops to burn in severe heat conditions.  Since organic matter is not water soluble, soil with high humus content is less likely to be subject to water erosion.

Dave’s organic compost can hold up to 20 times their weight in water and by enhancing the soil’s ability to retain water, can reduce the need for crop irrigation in those dry summer months ahead.

Growers can usually cut back on fertiliser – especially nitrogen, by up to 25 percent. In many cases, it is possible to cut back 50 percent or more on phosphate. That’s because the use of Dave’s organic compost promotes more and deeper root growth and increased biological activity to release nutrients.  

The winter months (June, July and August) is a really good time to apply compost for your garden as it sets a solid base for the forthcoming season. As mentioned above adding extra humus has so many benefits and prepares the garden for the spring growth for when foliar feeding and soil drenching is then ideal for maximising the growth.


To show the difference in our product we conducted a test using Dave’s Garden Products Liquid Compost and Dave’s Garden Products Organic compost.


Control (right):

(Seeds sown 25th May.) Rye and clover grass seed. 

Standard seed mix only. Watered every 3 days.

Treated (left):

(Seeds sown 28th May) Rye and clover grass seed

Standard seed mix with Dave’s organic compost. Dave’s organic liquid compost was applied once a week.

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