July is a great time to plant fruit trees as well as to begin thinking about the next season and the crops you might want to grow and harvest.

One product that is really important to use at this time of the year is Daves Magic Mix Pellets. These are pellets that are made up of a blend of chicken manure and humate and are rich in natural nitrogen and other valuable trace elements which are ideal for many plants, fruits and vegetables. Just a handful per hole mixed in with organic humate will do wonders for your plants providing those much-needed nutrients required at this time of year. (A fabulous side benefit of using our Magic Mix pellets is that the carbon in the humate soaks up a lot of the ammonia smell from the chicken manure making it much more pleasant to use😊)

In the vege patch its garlic planting time, with garlic traditionally planted on the shortest day for harvest on the longest day in December. Keep planting winter staples including brassicas, beetroot, leafy greens and herbs. All deciduous fruit trees including apples and pears can be planted now while the plants are still dormant. Most pip and stone fruit will by now have lost their leaves and going into a dormant state for the next few months. An ideal time to plant prior to the sap running in August.


  • Parsnips and yams – they can be left in the ground until you need them.
  • Rhubarb – lift and divide older rhubarb crowns while the plants are dormant.
  • Feed vegetables with Daves Magic Mix pellets with added humate to give them the nutrients they need to grow.
  • Apply Daves Fish & Seaweed liquid to help plants cope with the cooler weather and frost.

Remember that Daves Organic Humate can be applied at any time of the year and is available in both liquid and powder form. The benefits of using humates are becoming very well known and as the popularity of Daves Garden Products increases so do the wonderful stories of very happy gardeners😊.

Happy Gardening!

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