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Hey everyone,


I have decided that I will send out a series of posts over the next few weeks/months to reinforce to everyone the benefits of humates, what they actually are and how critical they are in the makeup of soil biology and the importance they are to the carbon cycle. Read the testimonials on my website – they’re really great!

So let’s get started 🙂

Humate is the world’s oldest and most concentrated form of compost and is widely regarded as the purest form of natural matter known to man.

Found in a seam directly above lignite coal but below peat and is very rich in carbon and natural humic/fulvic acids. Millions of years of organic forest residue makes this great product up to 20x more potent than regular compost!

Humate dramatically improves root growth, flowering and fruiting volume of all types of plants and is very easy and non-toxic to apply.

Suitable for all flowers, roses, lawns, vegetable gardens and fruit trees.
Our slogan “If it grows – it just grows better with Dave’s garden products!”

Please like and share to all your contacts. That would really be appreciated guys! The word needs to get out there!

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