humic acids, fulvic acid, humate, humates, dave's garden products,
humic acids, fulvic acids, humate, humates, dave's garden products,

Get prepared for spring with Dave’s Garden Products.

Spring is only 3 weeks away now as I write this and it’s great to know we are now officially in the last month of winter and the coldest days are mostly behind us! Although this time of year can be a bit unpredictable weather-wise there are still lots of gardening tasks to keep you busy, rain or shine.

With spring just around the corner, now is a great time to get the garden tools out of the shed and get a head start on planning and creating your fabulous spring garden. Putting the garden to bed for the winter is mostly a matter of cleaning up and covering up. As winter progresses and temperatures drop, those plants that aren’t killed outright by frost prepare for dormancy. Clear out the blackened stems and foliage of annual flowers and vegetables to prevent the possibility of their harbouring disease pathogens and insect eggs over the winter. The cool weather is a good time to make a cold frame, dig and box in raised beds, and make general repairs.

There’s also still time to get your fruit trees in the ground as well as strawberries for later in year – don’t forget to mix in some of Dave’s ultra-concentrated compost to help with getting the soil conditions to the optimum level so as to give the roots of any plant a great kick start!

As it’s now also getting nearer to planting seeds in the garden a really good idea, and it is something that I have done for several years, is to soak the seeds prior to planting in my liquid compost solution, overnight preferably, however for even a few hours will still work. The fulvic acid in the liquid compost will hasten the germination and you will notice a better strike rate and accelerated growth.

By Dave Whitteker – Director

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